Family Law

Whether in negotiations or the realm of litigation, family law matters can be emotionally charged and seem unpredictable.

While a client has control over their own decisions, it is not always possible to forecast another party’s reaction or responses as family law negotiations or formal court proceedings get underway. While all matters have the potential to develop into high conflict, and some will not be resolved but for adjudication in the Courts, in many instances, constructive and workable options can be worked out preserving client, counsel and court resources.

The best advocacy for clients requires nimble legal counsel prepared to advise on the whole continuum of options. At the earliest stages, legal counsel’s approach always seeks to identify the very best options.

Where early conflict resolution is not achievable, legal counsel remains ready to assist clients to navigate the strengths and weaknesses of their legal position against the legal backdrop of the Ontario Family Law Act and related family law statutes. No two cases are alike, and nor be decided in the same manner because each case has its own unique features.

Together with experienced legal counsel’s good input and legal advice, the family law process can be de-mystified and a client’s ability to make choices and achieve implementation can be significantly enhanced. Finding a new and navigable roadmap for family members is our business.